7 Best School Administration Podcasts for Educators and Administrators

My faculty advisor at school knows everything. Seriously. He knows everything there is to know about his field of study, and if you happen to ask him something unrelated to his discipline, chances are that he’ll know about that as well. 

Every trivia night, he blows everyone away with his encyclopedic brain. Earlier this year I drove with him to an event that was an hour and a half away and I figured out where he gets his information from.


Top school administration podcasts

Whether you want to become a better school administrator or learn more about moonquakes, podcasts contain new perspectives and tips that can help you become a better school administrator. The hosts and their guests have years of experience that they convert into valuable advice for the listener to absorb.

Here’s a handy, alphabetical list of 7 podcasts that will help you become the best school administrator you can be.

In his Better Leaders Better Schools podcast, Daniel Bauer interviews top school leaders to look for strategies to enhance your school culture and improve your leadership skills. The Better Leaders Better Schools podcast has amassed nearly 100,000 downloads since they began broadcasting.

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 95: Answering the question “Why school?” with David Allyn

Bauer discusses how an independent school experience in DC shaped David Allyn’s view of diversity and access to education.

Episode 32: Crush the first 90 days of the principalship

Chad Weiden gives you advice on your first 90 days and describes how you need the school as much as the school needs you.

With 20 years of experience in education as a fundraising consultant and executive at two education publishing companies, Jay Willis interviews some of today’s top education leaders to offer inspirational, practical, and actionable advice to help you lead. Guests share why they chose educational leadership as well as how they overcame challenges they faced on their path.

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 76: George Couros | Part 1 | How The Innovator’s Mindset Can Transform Your School

George Couros discusses the move from teaching to administration as well as the difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Episode 111: Jon Laffoon | Control Your Attitude

Jon Laffoon shares why he left teaching and coaching for administration and how he overcame hardships during his journey.

Host Justin Baeder interviews education thought leaders in this podcast. The guests offer insightful strategies that are aimed at high-performance instructional leadership. Guests discuss topics such as teaching resources and the education profession itself.

Recommended Episodes:

Justin Baeder – Restructuring the Teaching Profession

Justin Baeder talks about some of his insights and revolutionary ideas for restructuring the teaching profession.

Chris Walsh: Abl—Unlocking Time As A Resource To Personalize Education

Chris Walsh joins Justin Baeder to discuss the dynamic school scheduling platform Abl.

In this podcast, William D. Parker shares leadership strategies and practical tips through personal anecdotes from his own experience. Parker is a highly sought-after speaker for education events, and his expertise shows on this podcast as well as his blog of the same name.

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 51: The Shocking Truth About Your Decision-Making

William Parker gives advice on the decision-making process and reminds us that we don’t have to be afraid of our decisions.

Episode 47: Interview with Adam Beauchamp, Oklahoma Digital Principal

Guest Adam Beauchamp shares how he received feedback from his students and how it made his administration better and stronger.  

Principal PLN is a weekly podcast hosted by Theresa Stager, Jessica Johnson, and Spike Cook. They interview teachers, principals, superintendents, authors, and presenters to learn how to become more effective educators. This podcast is a must for education leaders with its practical advice and great hosts.

Recommended Episodes:

“This is what my week has been like”

The Principle PLN cast ask other teachers, principals, and administrators, “How was your week?”

“Random Thoughts on the August ‘Crunch’ Time”

In this podcast, Spike and Jessica talk candidly and randomly, with no podcast plan—they discuss everything in their heads at that point in time… what’s on their to-do lists to get ready for the school year, what they’re listening to, etc.

In this podcast, Jethro Jones interviews current educational leaders in his weekly episodes to give his listeners tips and tricks to become the best principal you can be. Jones often interviews his guests two episodes in a row to give his listeners an opportunity to apply what they learned and then listen to a follow-up episode.

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 149: The Power of Storytelling in Flipped Classrooms with James Sturtevant

James Sturtevant, a veteran social studies teacher from Ohio, talks about how he uses storytelling in his teaching.

Episode 163: Don’t Wait for Next Year with Adam Beauchamp

Adam Beauchamp talks about his experience with Response to Intervention (RTI).

On categories such as education, leadership, and evaluation, Mike Doughty guides his listeners on their journey to becoming extraordinary leaders. The podcast provides great insights on how to realize your potential, advance your career, and balance work and life through interviews with experts in education.

Recommended Episodes:

“Stop Staring at that Pile of Books You’re Supposed to Read”

Mike Doughty and his guest Jenn David-Lang talk about the importance of building relationships, mistakes for administrators to avoid, tips for personal productivity, and much more.

“Productivity, the 5 AM Miracle, and Your Health”

Mike Doughty and guest Jeff Sanders talk about the idea of intentionality when it comes to scheduling your day, the importance of developing anchor habits, what school administrators can do to be more efficient and effective, and tips to increase energy and improve health and wellness.

Looking for more school administration resources?

Here are a couple other resources that will help you make informed decisions about your school administration:

So what do you think? Did I miss a great school administration podcast that rounds out your commute? Let me know in the comments below!

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