How Not Having a Mobile School Website is Killing Your Revenue, and What to Do About It

Did you know that 85% of American consumers say “mobile devices are a central part of everyday life?” That’s what one Salesforce survey found just last year. And parent-aged consumers make up a huge part of that bloc—for consumers between the ages of 18 to 54, individuals can be expected to spend at least 2.9 hours on their phone per day.

Mobile School Website

But while parents are using smartphones (even more than desktops to access the Internet), some schools have been slow to optimize their site for mobile. But these schools are missing out on a key opportunity to communicate with parents and students. Why?

Parents are more likely to see key updates on mobile.

Mobile users are fundamentally different than desktop users in that they want their information in a quick, succinct, on-the-go kind of way. Users are on their mobile first thing in the morning (when snow days are in effect) or during the work day. If your school needs to make a major announcement, chances are that most parents will look to the website for more information on their phone. If your site is not optimized for mobile, parents may miss important information relating to your school’s schedule or even their child’s safety.

Parents will make purchasing decisions on mobile.

It’s no secret that consumers love using their smartphones to make shopping decisions. What if you could apply that logic to your school’s tuition or lunch program? Offering a strong mobile site or app provides parents with the option to update their child’s account with the stroke of a finger. This ultimately serves as a great resource for administrators as well, as parents can get reminders right on the device that they will pay on.

Administrators can get more done on mobile.

Because most school administration software often syncs with a mobile app, administrators can use their school’s site as a portal to mobile eLearning, student data, and staff information. Administrators can also use their mobile devices to quickly access accounting information while in meetings and on the go.

Mobile-optimized tools

With all of these great incentives in place, school administrators should consider buying school administration software that offers mobile optimization with these traits in place. If you’re considering buying school administration software that is optimized for mobile, here are a few options to consider.

Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus syncs with both iOS and Android. Its cloud-based software is great for the entire lifecycle of the students it’s serving. From admissions analytics to attendance to grades to tuition, the mobile app is a powerful tool for school administrators, teaching staff, and students alike. Teachers also have the option of engaging in discussion boards and giving mobile assignments, while administrators can manage their school’s finances and run reports, and parents can use the app to make tuition payments.

Ellucian Mobile

Ellucian Mobile boasts that it’s compatible with “94% of the smartphone and tablet devices your constituents bring to campus,” including iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Made for colleges, the mobile app can act as a guide to campus, from library integration to a directory system to a notification system. All college assets can be managed on the app, in addition to marketing and easy integration with major social media sites.


fedena is a school administration software option that has taken care to translate seamlessly to mobile when users visit the site directly. Teachers can use the app to take attendance, ask for leave, and create an agenda for the day. Administrators can send alerts to students, parents, and teachers quickly and update the school calendar. And students can use the app to view their attendance records, see their grades, and see what fees are due.


HeadMaster’s mobile app is completely synced with the full HeadMaster suite. Administrators can upload their school’s events to the calendar feature right on the app. Teachers can keep their syllabus and homework available so students can check what’s due for each class and their grade progression. Parents can keep tabs on how their kids are doing and can stay apprised of what’s due for tuition and for the cafeteria.

Skyward Mobile

Skyward Mobile is a great resource for administrators looking to manage discipline, payroll, and other human resources. Students use this portal to stay on top of their schoolwork, and teachers can use this app to update their gradebook and assignments due.  Reviewers have noted that parents particularly appreciate this app, as it allows them insight into their children’s grades and classroom progress.


School administration software is even better when it comes with an app or a mobile-optimized site. While these five options stand out for their attention to mobile, I’m sure that there are some options that I missed. What would you recommend? Do you prefer using a mobile site or application over a desktop site? Let us know in the comments below!

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