The 9 Best Free Math Apps For Students

When I was in middle school, I thought I didn’t like math. Luckily, in high school I had a teacher who made the subject come alive, using technology for interactive projects and lessons.

I changed my mind, and now I’m getting a degree in math. Funny how that happens.

Technology and games are great ways to help students enjoy a subject they think is hard or tedious. So I’ve collected ten great math game apps for students of all ages. And as a bonus, they’re all free!

Elementary School

Sushi Monster

This whimsical game is great for practicing basic addition and multiplication problems. Numbers appear on plates and players feed the “Sushi Monster” by selecting the correct sums and products. The game requires even more than just mental math: to complete a level fully, the player must choose the sushi plates in the correct order. This is good practice in foresight and planning.


Android: Not available

Math Monsters – Bingo

The goal of Math Monsters – Bingo is to find the monsters hidden underneath tiles by correctly answering math questions. Like classic bingo, if you find a row of the same monsters, you win. The game covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and it has three different levels of difficulty. The game also includes a fun Monster Jump game.


Android: Not available

Zap Zap Math

This app offers 60 different games for children in grades K-6 to practice math skills. Zap Zap Math is aligned to Common Core Standards and covers topics from addition and subtraction to angles and ratios. As the player progresses, the games advance, and parents can track performance and see problem areas on the Reports Dashboard.  



Math vs Zombies Free

Kids use their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills to defeat zombies in this interactive game. It features four different worlds with seven levels each, allowing for hours of game play and practice. A full version of the game is also available for $4.99.

iTunes: Not available


Middle School

Geometry Pad

With Geometry Pad, students can create shapes and explore and change their properties. The shapes are displayed on a zoomable coordinate plane, which allows you to see measurements easily. Students can also calculate areas and perimeters of shapes, and add parallel, tangent, and perpendicular lines.



Matchmatics Lite

Matchmatics Lite is a free version of Matchmatics, a puzzle game that helps students improve their problem solving and math skills. It features equations made out of matchsticks. To solve the puzzles, students must move matchsticks so that they form a mathematically correct equation. The free version offers 10 puzzles, if you want more, the full version is also available for $1.99.


Android: Not available

High School

Math With Your Friends

This app is similar to the popular game Words With Friends, but uses equations instead of words. Instead of letters, players are given tiles with numbers (1-9) and operators(+ – x ➗). They can increase their score by creating longer equations and taking advantage of multipliers on the board. The game is chat and social friendly, so students can play with friends or random players around the world.

iPad and iPhone app:

WileD Math

Designed by a math teacher, this app allows students to play games, answer questions, earn credits, and show work on a chalkboard. It has a variety of categories including graphing, probability, percents, and algebraic properties.


Android: Not available

ExploreLearning Gizmos

This large collection of math and science simulations allows students to manipulate variables and generate and test hypotheses. This helps develop an understanding of mathematical concepts in an entertaining way. The visualizations correlate with Common Core Standards and over 300 leading textbooks.

iPad app:


Studies have shown that it is easier to learn when you’re having fun. There are plenty of other helpful games and apps out there to choose from.

For other tips on how to make the classroom a more interesting place to learn, be sure to check out these Capterra blog posts:

Do you have any favorite math apps or games? Let us know in the comments below!

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